Jun 27, 2014

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University of New England

With the aging of the baby boomers, society is taking notice of an under-served population. Since the 1940s, when the field of gerontology came into existence, there has been an increased interest in the elderly and their needs, but in the last 50 years the field of gerontology and geriatric social work has exploded.

Today’s Elderly are not Your Grandfather’s Grandfathers

A book entitled “Why Survive? Being Old in America” by Robert Butler looked at elder abuse and mistreatment, spurring new legislation and new fields of opportunity for social workers and care-takers. The AARP came into existence and the aging population started to wield political power.

The elderly of the last century were a different breed than the population that is now entering their 60s and 70s. For one thing, people are living longer. In 1960, the average person lived to be 69.7 years old. By 2010, that figure had risen by nine years. Not only are people living longer, they are staying in their professions longer as well. Many people aren’t retiring until well into their 70s. That single fact brings a host of new issues with it.

The Future of Geriatric Social Work

Today’s social workers are different from their predecessors as well. Yesteryear’s professionals assisted the elderly to find resources and deal with the stress of losing independence. They helped families cope with their loved ones’ health issues and aided them in acquiring guardianship so that weighty decisions could be made.

Today, geriatric social workers do those things. However, they must be trained not only in the physical and mental aspects of aging but also in the legal issues of older workers and finding resources to help them upgrade work skills. Social workers are finding that an undergraduate degree no longer gives them the edge they need in the profession and they are going back to school for more training.

That can be a problem in itself, as professionals cannot afford to leave the workforce to get a graduate degree. Many schools, like the University of New England, have solved this problem through innovative scheduling such as weekend classes. UNE’s online Masters of Social Work degree allows students to complete the program in less than two years. With the added knowledge and skills the degrees afford social workers, they can continue to meet the needs of a population that is rapidly redefining “geriatric.”

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Jun 27, 2014

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Recommended Places for You and Your Kids to Visit in Iowa on School Holidays

Holiday with ChildrenHave you ever gone to and spent some time in Decorah Iowa hotels? If you haven’t, you are highly recommended to read this article. Well, let’s start with how important refreshing can be. Refreshing is something you and your kids definitely need when school holidays finally come. You do understand about how stressful studying can be, right? Therefore, whenever there is a free time available you have to prepare a plan to be done together for refreshment. One example of things you and your kids can do on school holidays is having a vacation in Iowa.

When you want to spend some time in a family vacation there, of course you need to plan everything perfectly so everybody can really have a good time. At least you have to know about some places recommended to visit when you are in Iowa for a family vacation. Thankfully, there are quite a lot of places you and family can go to. The example is Blank Park Zoo. The reason why this place is chosen is obviously because zoo is always the favorite place for all kids to visit. Other than that, there is also a place called as Lost Island Waterpark which is so perfect to visit on summer vacation since a lot of water activities and attractions can be tried here. The last but not least, there is Family Museum of Arts and Science which has a quite high educational value for your kids to gain while refreshing their mind a bit.

In creating the Iowa vacation plan, you may not forget also to think about where you all will stay during the vacation. Since what you want to give is a perfect vacation before your kids go back to school to continue their education, it is better for you choose only quality hotel for the lodging of your family. The example of this is Decorah Iowa hotels. The hotels located in Decorah are perfect to choose for family lodging because the location is simply strategic. You can reach many tourism places quite easily from these hotels so there is no need for you to spend too much time in reaching out those places. With all plus points like these there is no need for you to worry that your family satisfaction in the vacation will not be fulfilled.

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Jun 24, 2014

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Advantages Of Dental Hygienist Schools

Choosing majoring in university is not an easy task, there are many considerations which need deep thought because what majoring you choose will impact to your next career. If you are still confused where to continue next education after graduated from senior high school, I will tell you that becoming  a dental hygienist now has good future for your career because unlike other professions, career level as a dental hygienist is rising faster than normal, so there is good chance for you to take this education.

Still curious about dental hygienist ? Ok, I will tell you more, beside fast career level, the salary is sounds lucrative, I quoted from trustworthy sources, a dental hygienist in united states will be paid between $60,000 and $70,000. Moreover, it also supported with nice workspaces, comfort work condition and flexibility in the number of hours you want to work. In order to become a professional dental hygienist, you must join dental hygienist school. In dental hygienist school, you will learn mostly about oral hygiene because dental hygienist is specialized in oral hygiene, and also you can get licensed professionals.

There are many dental hygienist schools that you can attend to learn how to be a dental hygienist. In order to get proper dental hygienist school, then you need trustworthy and reliable references, it’s strongly recommended to visit MyDentalHygienistSchools.com. This site provides all information and tips related with dental hygienist schools in complete and detail even with list of universities which provide dental hygiene program. There are also search tool that has function to find universities or schools which provide dental hygiene program, tips to learn how to get started dental hygienist schools in simple video. Check this out!

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Jun 9, 2014

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How to Get the Best Tutor for Your Children?

Tutoring for ChildrenIs it important to have a tutor for your children? Actually it depends on what you need and also for your financial support, but of course having a tutor for your children is important. For today’s education, it is not enough to rely your children’s education on the school, since the lesson and the material is more difficult, you need a tutor to help your children in understanding their material. As parent who are bust at working, having a tutor is really recommended. After you know the reasons why it is important to have a tutor for your children, here are the tips on how to get the best tutor for your children.

Actually there are two tips on how to get the best tutor for your children, the first is by looking for a freelance tutor and the second is from tutoring company. If you are looking for a professional tutor who will work professionally based on the guideline or the standard format of children tutor, hiring a tutor from a tutoring company is really suggested. But of course you have to pay more money since the professional tutor company needs money to the company and also for the tutor itself. But usually the tutor is really professional and friendly, so they can be the best partner for your children to study at home. You can ask for the tutoring time based on your children’s need, it can be for two times or three times a week. Another advantage of hiring a tutor from a tutor company is usually they give guarantee to your children’s study progress. If your children cannot get better credits in school and also if they can pass the exam well, some tutoring company even will give your money back.

However, if you have limited money you can hire a freelance tutor which usually from college student to help improving your children education at home. Even it is a freelance tutor, but it doesn’t mean that the tutor is not professional since there are many of freelance tutor who are as professional as the tutor from a tutoring company. But of course, usually you will not get any guarantee about your children’s study progress. So, it depends on your need and budget about hiring a tutor for your children. Those are the tips on how to get the best tutor for your children that hopefully can help you in finding the one for your children.

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