Jul 13, 2015

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Benefits of Being a Truck Owner Operator

Once you have become an experienced truck driver, it will soon be time to decide what you’re going to next with your truck-driving knowledge. Whether you’ve decided that you no longer want to work under someone else, or you simply want to be able to create your own schedule and guidelines, there are many benefits to being a truck owner operator.


You’ll Experience Security

Owner operators wanted” is a sign that you’ll see from many companies, mainly because truck driving hasn’t always had the best reputation, but always remains in demand. For experienced drivers, this is a good thing. It provides job security, because the company that is looking for an owner operator is going to want to keep someone who knows how to drive and is willing to do it.

The security doesn’t end there. Financial security is also an important benefit of becoming an owner operator. While you may not be working by the schedule of another person, the company you’re carrying loads for is still going to be willing to pay you for having experience. The longer you carry loads, the higher your rates will increase. Not only will you be able to rely on a comfortable income, but many of these opportunities offer excellent health plans.


Setting Your Own Pace

As an owner operator, you’ll be able to set your own pace. This can include anything from creating a flexible schedule, to only traveling to places that you feel comfortable traveling to.

Flexibility also extends to the loads that you’re carrying. Owner operators have access to loads whenever they’re ready, which can be a positive factor either way. If you’ve decided to take a break or make a home visit, you’re not obligated to pick up a load — it’s there whenever you are ready.

Being an owner operator does have its perks, but it certainly isn’t an easy job. With the right leasing company, you’ll be able to settle in on your own terms and enjoy your job.

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Jul 5, 2015

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Retail Solutions Advisors OffersTenant Representation Services For Large Retailers & Small

When it comes to commercial real estate, in most cases both the large and small-scale retailers choose to hire professionals to handle their building leasing for them. This is because when they have real-estate brokers to handle their building leases, they benefit by getting their desired building size and location without having to do the legwork themselves. As a result, this allows them to focus on other aspects of their business, as the legwork is being done by a qualified professional.

Retail Solutions Advisor is a real estate leasing and property management company based in Florida. The company specializes in commercial real estate and, with a pool of experienced team advisors who bring divergent views and knowledge to the table, has contributed to the success and satisfaction of many of their clients over the years. A big key to their success is the fact that Retail Solutions Advisors recognizes that each client is different, and the need to find specialized solutions that work for each specific client.

Over the years, the commercial real estate brokers at RSA have worked many big chains in the country. This has helped them in expanding their businesses and customer base. Franchise enterprises like Save-A-Lot, Bealls Outlet, and Smoothie King are part of their tenant representation, and each has benefited from the experience of the advisors at RSA.

The advisors at RSA helped each of the franchises, through their tenant representation, to find the right locations for their businesses in Florida. They provided a custom strategy for property location and profit maximization that proved successful. They also mediated each tenant in communicating with their lessors in a move meant to help facilitate a professional and open relationship between the two parties. RSA emphasizes tenant care as a top priority.

RSA’s custom approach to each client, their attention to detail, insight on the retail industry and experience sets them apart from other commercial real estate brokers. They have knowledgeable staff members and unbeatable experience in the industry – have been operational for over 100 years. This makes them the best choice for any retailer seeking commercial real estate in Florida.

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Jun 4, 2015

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OT Continuing Education

If you are an Occupational Therapist, you most likely have a passion for helping people who might have difficulty helping themselves, and you are constantly trying to find new ways to better yourself in your career. In addition to attending as many ot continuing education courses as you can find, there are other ways you can improve your skills and be the best Occupational Therapist you can be.

Work on Your Communication Skills

A great communicator is also a great listener, and learning how to master these two skills is crucial to your effectiveness with your patients. Try to practice listening as much as you speak, and encourage your patients to ask as many questions as they need to better understand your treatment plan. Work with your patient’s caregivers, providing them with as many details as possible about your procedures and recommendations, especially if you are working with a child or an elderly adult.

Enhance Empathy

Many Occupational Therapists do not struggle with having compassion for their patients, but a simple way to increase your empathy level is to put yourself in your patients shoes and ask yourself a list of questions you might have if you were them. If your patient is a child who has difficulty using their left arm, imagine how you could improve your own quality of life if you were in the same situation, then convey those solutions back to your patient. Individuals who cannot complete simple tasks might be grieving over the situation; provide emotional support that will encourage them to find other ways to express themselves and suggest ways that will make difficult activities seem easier.

Document Everything

You can make life for your patient much easier if you spend extra time documenting as much information as possible. Not only will this help them if they ever move and need to find a new OT, but it will help you remember important treatment details as well.

One of the most important things to remember is that your job faces a unique set of dilemmas since you spend so much time emotionally investing in others. Take some time for yourself each week to recharge as well.

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Jun 4, 2015

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Ways Of Learning Math

When students don’t seem to completely understand some concepts in math, manipulatives can be used. These are objects that are used to give a concrete example to the subject instead of simply giving a problem and working it out on a piece of paper or a blackboard. There are several kinds of math manipulatives that can be used for any grade, and there are a few tips to keep in mind to get the best results possible.

Determine why you want the class to use the objects. Make sure they know of a goal instead of only being able to play with blocks or other items while at a desk. When you give the students the objects that will be used for the lesson, you can let them explore how to use them before leading into the methods of solving problems. You can show the students how to use the manipulatives if they haven’t seen them before, especially with younger students.

The objects can be used by each student or in a group. Some students might find that it’s easier to learn using these objects if they are in a group. Questions can be asked, and the students will know whether they are on the right track in understanding the lesson without needing to ask the teacher all of the time. Students can take turns in explaining how they see the problem and how they solve the problem. There are a few new ways to incorporate manipulatives in the classroom. These involve virtual lessons. They can be found online and used on whiteboards in the class so that students can see how the problem is solved. These are similar to the concrete objects but on a two-dimensional format. Some students might enjoy this method better if they like using technology when learning.

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